Comparison of Ngrok and its blockchain-based alternative Diode

Inspired by this brilliant review of popular Ngrok alternatives, I’ve made a straightforward comparison of Ngrok and Diode — the best blockchain-based alternative to Ngrok. Check out the Diode project on Github.

Diode is an open-source, blockchain-based, peer-to-peer network that enables developers to build valuable decentralized projects. It’s the first blockchain-based Ngrok alternative that I’m aware of.

Written in Go, Diode was developed by German engineer Dominic Letz and a few Taiwan-based blockchain developers.

Grab Diode right now:

To install the Diode Client, use the curl command:

curl -Ssf | sh

Or, you can build from source:

I suggest you to check out this other blog post I’ve written for more details.




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